Wooden furniture is always consumer’s first choice. It brings people a warm home. But when a glass table appears among the wooden furniture, it’s visually appealing. You can’t help but order the glass table when you come across it in a store. You will not regret to own one. However, you might have another problem. Glass top easily gets dirty with fingerprint and dust. Cleaning a glass surface is a tough challenging. How to clean a glass table? Here are some tips for your reference.

Preparation before Clean a Glass Table

You need to prepare warm water, a cloth and newspaper. Newspaper can be replaced by a dry micro fiber towel. Before cleaning your glass table, you should remove all things on the table. For example, if your glass table is a dining table, you have to remove all plates, cups and table runners. If it’s a coffee table, be sure to remove any decorative items such as magazine, books and cups. This is the first step to get a shining clean glass table. Now follow my guidance to clean the glass table step by step.

Cleaning Glass Top Steps

Step 1: Clean with the Dry Cloth

At the beginning, wipe the dust and non-non-sticky messes with the dry cloth. It will be done very soon. But what we should do if there is candle wax on the glass top ? There are two simple ways.

Solution 1: Use the hair dryer.

  • Power the hair dryer on. Set it to the heated wind position.
  • Blow heated air on the wax. It will melt slowly 5 minutes later.
  • Clean the melted wax with the wet cloth
  • Repeat this process unit all wax on the glass top was completely removed.

Some people think it’s not a good method. It cost us too much time. Let me show you the simple solution.

Solution 2: Scrape the Wax Directly

  • Spray hot water on the wax to make it moist and soft.
  • Use a razor blade or a knife to scrape off the wax. Take care when scraping. Do not leave any scratches on the surface of your glass table. It’s more difficult to repair scratches than clean candle wax.

Step 2: Spray warm water on the glass top.

When you remove all the messes, spray warm water on the glass top. Water performs much better than any cleaners. It will not leave any streaks. There are not any chemicals in water. The most important is that water is free. If some stubborn spots are hard to remove, you can wipe by using some vinegar or alcohol.

Step 3: Use Dry Newspaper or Micro Fiber Cloth

The final step is to wipe the glass top with dry micro fiber or dry newspaper. Then the shinning glass table top presents on your eyes. You will not see the dust, fingerprints and sticky messes. You will also not leave any streaks.

Now you have to try to clean the base which supports the glass top. The base usually comes with metal or wood material.

  • If it’s metal base, wipe the surface with car wax and soft dry cloth. Do not use any chemical cleaner. It might damage the protective film on the metal surface.
  • If it’s wood base, it is recommended to wipe the dust on the surface with a cotton cloth. If there are stains on the surface, do not wipe it vigorously. Do not use alcohol, gasoline and other chemical solvents to decontaminate. The best way is to wipe it with warm water.

You might feel easy to clean the glass table with my steps. Now do you want to prolong your glass table’s use-life? Here are tips that will do you some help.

glass coffee table extendable

Glass Table Maintenance

  • Keep Glass Table Top in Order

Do not put so many things on glass table. Glass tables are strong and durable enough to hold heavy object. But you’d better keep your table surface in order. This will avoid some damages or scratches.

  • Use Mats

Put magazines or books on the glass table gently. Don’t firmly throw them on glass table. If it’s a glass dining table, put mats or tablecloth on the table when enjoying dinner. You will spend less time to clean your table when you use mats.

  • Wipe Glass Top in Regular

Glass table gets dirty easily. Wipe it at your convenience after usage every day. Just clean the place where has dirt, streaks and fingerprints. You are also recommended to clean the whole glass table every week. Cleaning regularly is good for your table.

  • Watch out Sharp Object

Sharp objects are not allowed to put on the glass top. It will cause scratches or cracks permanently. Knives, folks, metal or rough objects should not appear on the glass table.

  • Stick a Protective Film

It’s a good idea to stick a protective film on the glass table top. It prevents the surface from dirty and scratches. It’s also a beautiful decoration. You can choose any drawing you like.

To Avoid Claim on Glass Table

As wholesale of glass tables, it’s happy to see that consumers know how to maintain their glass tables. You do an easy after-sale job. However, you should make sure that your tables are qualified. What should you do when purchasing tables from your suppliers? How to control the quality during COVID-19 period. Here are a few ways to ensure products risk-free.

  • Tell your supplier that you will inspect all the goods when placing your order. It’s impossible for you to come to the factory for inspection in the special time. But your supplier will pay high attention to the quality.
  • Ask your supplier to send you some pictures of spare parts when your order is close to finish.
  • Inspect finished glass tables over the internet. A video call is a good choice.
  • Don’t forget to request photos or videos of container loading.

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